About Us

About us


Vacation Feast endeavours journeys that are rich with legends, folklore, adventure, romance and natural beauty – organized by passionate travel experts who lay utmost emphasis on planning and delivery.

As such, tours organised by Vacation Feast are picture-perfect, seamless escapades that allow our customers to enhance their travel experience like never before.
Drawing on our extensive experience and hands-on expertise in this industry allows for us to create exceptional packages that anticipate a travellers’ needs at every step of the way. In so far, we have delivered sojourns that have wholly, solely and completely guaranteed a travellers peace of mind from start to end.
At Vacation Feast, we understand that a holiday is never simply a holiday; it is a commitment to creating precious unforgettable journeys that become memories for a lifetime. It was this sentiment that led us to establish a travel company incepted to cater to the new-age traveller who wants to set on an exploration experience unlike ever before.



Travel for Vittal is akin to oxygen – it’s an essential element and an intrinsic part of his life – one that drives, sustains and keeps him going. He is at the helm of affairs at Vacation Feast as the Director and in this role Vittal has fast gained a reputation for delivering on travel plans that are meticulously planned and inclusive, in that they include tasting, feeling, and living the travel experience from start to end.

Armed with an MBA in Travel and Tourism from Lovely Professional University, Vittal quickly learned the ropes of the industry and has successfully grown from strength to strength for over 7 years now. An explorer by heart and a traveller/ discoverer by soul, Vittal ensures that like-minded intrepid travellers explore new destinations, taste local culinary gems, and uncover fascinating facets of the local culture.

As patrons have discovered, travel packages organised and curated by Vacation Feast are anything but boring and run-of- the-mill a collective tribute attributed to Vittal’s extensive expertise!


Savitha, on the other hand, officiates as the company’s Operations Head but her skills on the job are far more all-encompassing. As the Operations Head at Vacation Feast, Savitha is as extraordinary in her vendor management skills as she is with back end organization.

An MBA by qualification, Savitha ensures ‘delivery of quality’ and maintains a constant watchful eye on service standards. Her belief that consistent service matched with a seamless operational framework are exemplary measurable standards in the Travel and Tourism industry. To that end, Savitha ensures uniform adherence to the ‘golden code of conduct’ is achieved not by chance but by choice. Her efficiency and proaductivity as an ‘Operations Head’ serve as a guiding light for associates and employees while positively fostering a patrons lifetime loyalty.